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Little Andaman is situated at the southern end of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands opposite the Great Andaman Island. It is the fourth largest island of the archipelago. The Duncan Passage separates Little Andaman from Rutland Bay of Great Andaman. A major part of Little Andaman was affected badly by the Tsunami in the year 2004. The island is still recovering from the loss.

Little Andaman has an evergreen rain forest which paves way for a very rich biodiversity. There are two waterfalls in the island - White Surf waterfall which is 6.5 kms from Hut Bay Jetty and the Whisper Wave which is 20 kms from the same. It also involves a 4 km trek through the rain forest. On the way to White Surf waterfalls, elephant safari can be enjoyed. One can also visit the Elephant lumbering sites and the elephant calves training sites. Also, Little Andaman is famous for Red Oil Palm Plantation and has a large area under the plantation regime. Both these places can be visited on the way to White Surf and Butler Bay.

The most famous and beautiful beach on Little Andamans is the Butler Bay Beach. It lies at a distance of 14 kms from the Hut Bay Jetty. Accommodation is offered in the form of small tourist huts right at the sea front lined by coconut plantation. This provides a surreal feel to the whole experience at night when one can listen to the waves crashing right at their feet. Activities at the island also involve snorkelling, Diving, Swimming, Game Fishing, Coral watching, Sun Basing etc. Though the Northern side of the beach is a popular surfing site, equipment are not available. It is advisable that tourists carry their own surfing equipment if they wish to go surfing in the sea. Boating at the creek near Butler Bay gives a chance to the bird watchers to catch a glimpse of species like Hawabill and Nicobarese pigeon. Butler Bay is also home to some of the rarest marine turtles. There are beaches like Netaji Nagar and Harminder Bay Beach. Netaji Nagar Beach is good for a visit but not for activities like Snorkelling. Too many reasons for which we can claim that these islands are literally untouched by the human hand!

Little Andaman is 210 kms south of Port Blair and takes almost 7 to 9 hours to reach. There are around three boat services a week from the capital city. It has a mixed population of settlers from East Pakistan and other parts of India and the Onges and Nicobarese tribes. Access to or any contact to these tribes are prohibited as this place has been declared a Tribal Reserve since 1957. Comfortable accommodation at decent charges are available on the island.