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1 . Where is Andamans?

Andaman & Nicobar Islands are a group of 572 islands located in the Bay of Bengal. It is around 1000 miles away from the Indian subcontinent down South-East.

2 . How do I get there?

Two ways - either fly down to Port Blair from Kolkata, Chennai or Delhi or take a ship from Chennai, Kolkata or Vizag.

3 . How long does it take to reach Andamans?

Flight from Kolkata/Chennai takes 2 hours, while from Delhi takes about 5 hours. Ships take as much as 50 hours (3-4 days roughly).

4 . What is the best time to holiday in Andaman Islands?

We believe holidaying in Andamans can be done all throughout the year - in summers/monsoon (no winter season there). However, tourist inflow is maximum during October to May. More info on Best time to Travel to Andamans.

5 . Do I need passport/permission/visa to go to get there?

For Indians : No passport/visa/permission is required. They can stay in permitted areas for as long as they want.
For Foreigners : Passport is required with an Indian Visa to enter India. This is applicable to foreigners entering Andamans directly from a charter/private yachts. Additionally, a Restricted Area Permit (RAP) is also required which can be availed on arrival to Port Blair from the Immigration counter at the airport or embarkation of ships at the sea-port. RAP is issued for 30 day visit in islands, and is extendable upto 15 more days and tickets can be rescheduled in Port Blair itself from the respective airline offices.

6 . Can I visit any island of my choice?

There are only 32 inhabited islands in a total of 572 islands. Tourists are permitted only in a list of islands.

7 . It is an Indian territory. So do I use Indian Currency?

Yes. Indian Rupees is used in Andaman Islands. You can exchange currency at the airport, from the banks or currency dealers. Also, you can withdraw Indian Rupees from the ATMs there.

8 . Is is safe/secure to travel to Andamans?

The quantum of tourist inflow to the islands is a testimony of how safe tourists feel in the islands. These islands are one of the safest places to live/travel in the country.

9 . Do I get seafood there?

Offcourse, you do. You will find a lot of amazing seafood there. Local restaurants serve amazing fresh sea-food. However, if you are a vegetarian, you have very few choices of pure vegetarian restaurants.

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